The Leap

Starting a business is scary. Starting a business when you’re already juggling 2 other businesses in addition to an aspiring acting career, is a sign you’ve lost your mind! When people ask me what I do, I have to take a deep breath and decide how much they really care to know. It might be a sign you’re trying to do too much when just saying what you do is exhausting. I’m a photographer, interior designer, actor, filmmaker, and my latest endeavor is building a wedding venue with my amazing fiancé Aaron. I know, I know… I should focus on ONE thing in order to be more successful. Believe me, I get it. BUT I’m an artist and as much as I want to be “successful” I feel that I already am because I’m doing everything I LOVE! With that said, love alone doesn’t pay the bills. That is why I have decided to funnel my talents into one business endeavor, Mockingbird Fields.

Creating a venue has allowed me to combine all of the many hats I wear into one cohesive business.

As a photographer I have shot weddings in a range of different venues and have discovered many are not designed with photography in mind. At the end of the day, your wedding photos are all you have left to preserve this moment in time. So for me, photography and everything that goes into it (i.e. the venue) is kind of a big deal!   I wanted to create a space that was optimized for photography. I’ve thought long and hard about what that means and have designed a space with that goal in mind.

As a designer, I wanted to make sure the space was not only stunning on its own, but that would be a beautiful backdrop to showcase your individual style. It’s a balancing act of taking design risks while keeping the overall feel timeless.

As an actor and filmmaker I love telling stories. Your wedding is a celebration of your story and the whole day should be focused on telling it in your unique way. I tend to have a flare for the dramatic and I’m looking forward to helping couples make their stories known in an epic fashion.

I am so grateful to have found someone that not only believes in my dreams but dreams right along with me. This journey would be close to impossible without the love and support of my amazing life and business partner, Aaron. He works 50+ hours a week at his day job only to come out to the farm and work all weekend to help literally build our future.

Every day of this journey is a challenge. Every day we question what the hell we’re doing. But every day we wake-up and make the decision to keep going for it. To take a leap.





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